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Digital Download Center's Features

Our Digital Download Center is a complete E-Commerce solution for selling anything digital. You can sale music, e-books , Website Templates, software and much more.

Digital Download Center has a members section with a profile page, change password page, update profile page, order history page, order details page and download order page.

Digital Download Center comes with a complete shopping cart set up with PayPal. All you have to do is add you PayPal email address in the Admin section and you are ready to start making money.

Our Digital Download Center comes with a complete Admin and CMS (Content Management System) backend.

For a complete list of Features click here.

For an Admin/CMS tour click here click here

  • Send personalized email to any member from the admin section.
  • Send newsletters to everyone in the data base.
  • Update, delete, email  or search members and export member data.
  • Control, search or delete newsletter subscribers.


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